Embedded Video

Now, more than ever, companies of all sizes have to make sure we spend our marketing budgets efficiently and smartly. Websites must be optimised, campaigns must be tracked and advertising channels which are under performing must be abandoned in favour of more effective methods.

What if there was one approach that could increase hits on your website, increase conversion rates, reduce abandoned shopping carts, reduce returns, and increase brand awareness, engagement and respect? What if it could keep on doing all this for years but cost less than a single ad in a local newspaper?

Welcome to the world of online video. Why do you need it?

Video drives more visitors to your website

Use Universal Search to your advantage. Back in May 2007, Google introduced ‘Universal Search’, which basically means they try to blend listings for news, images, local searches and video into the web page results you get when you search. According to Forrester Research, the relative lack of videos compared to web pages vying to appear in Google’s results means that adding a video to your website makes it more than 50 times more likely to show up on the first page of results. They also noted that most of the videos already indexed by Google aren’t well optimised for searches, so if you make an effort, your chances of success can be even higher.