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Excellent rates to place your ad on our newly-renovated website, with targeted content and web-exclusive videos, galleries, stories, and more.

 web ad sizes
width height position
Leaderboard 728px x 90px (top/bottom)
Skyscraper 120px x 600px (sidebar)
Wide Skyscraper 160px x 600px (sidebar)
Inline rectangle 300px x 250px (sidebar home/top/bottom)
web ad rates
targeted ros exclusive
Leaderboard (top) $50 mo. $40 mo. +50%
Leaderboard (bottom) $40 mo. $30 mo. +50%
Skyscraper $50 mo $40 mo. +50%
Skyscraper $50 mo $40 mo. +50%
Inline rectangle (sidebar home) $70 mo. $50 mo. +50%
Inline rectangle (sidebar top) $50 mo. $30 mo. +50%
Inline rectangle (sidebar bottom) $40 mo. $20 mo. +50%

ros: Run of site
exclus: Exclusive

Types of web ads available
  • Targeted: Ad associated with specific pages, tags, or categories, which you choose. Ad appears on 10 pages.
  • Run of site (ROS): Ads cycle through pages.
  • Exclusive: Ad has exclusive rights to pages, with no other ads appearing on those pages. Ad appears on 10 pages.
Submission instructions

Web ad files may be submitted as a JPG or GIF file, RGB, 72 dpi
and under 50k. Please email to the advertising manager with
insertion details and contact information, along with payment.

Advertising restrictions

Sexaction Magazine reserves the right to refuse any ad not
compatible with the mission of Sexaction Magazine or
Taboo Magazine. Sexaction Magazine will not accept ads for:

  • xxx
  • xxx

If you have questions or you would like to place an ad, please contact us.

Sarah Jensen
(305) 823-4211
1670 W 39th Place # 1303
Hialeah, FL 33012-7022

We look forward to working with you.