Anna Maria


I am Anna Maria 28 years and my husband Manny 36 years from Caracas, Venezuela. I am young, sexy, 120 lbs. (Selma Hayek body) and I love sex.  We live in Miami Lakes, lavish house with pool and we are  financially rich.  The only problem is Manny suffers from diabetes, erectile dysfunction and premature erection.  He just rubs his small thumb size cock on my pussy and clit and in 30 seconds he comes between my pussy lips messing me and leaving me angry, frustrated and unsatisfied.  Most times I encourage him being naked at home and at the pool to show him my clean shaven, thick girlish pussy, but it is of no use – his cock remains soft.  So we discussed it and he told me to find someone to fuck with but it must be at our home –no hotel or motel, and he approved it.  I asked him when and he said anytime  -today, tomorrow – it is up to me.  I adore him for that, not because of our wealth, but for being considerate, knowing that I am young and sexy and I deserve better.

So the next day, I told him that I was going to the Mall of the Americas to shop and if I see someone I like I will invite him for dinner.  He said “Do that sweetheart – just be sure that he is young and decent –no blacks or married men”.  At the lingerie store, the young, tall handsome store manager Jose, from Colombia helped me select some beautiful bikinis, bras and panties and we immediately became like friends even though he was just 24 years old, but is an intern at UM for his doctorate in medicine and only works to supplement the cost of his education.  I gave him my address and phone number and asked him to come to my place after work for dinner and to meet my husband.  And after asking him, he told me that he has no one and no girl friends and would accept me as his friend and come after 6.00 p.m.  He did.

After introductions, Manny told Jose that if he likes me and want to have a relationship with me that it is okay, he approves.  Gladly I went inside and brought a tray of food and beers from our bar and we toasted to friendship and love.  By 8.00 pm Manny said that he was tired and wanted to go to bed.  I saw that he was in bed and came back to Jose at the poolside and explained Manny’s condition and his sickness.  As we spoke, I got closer and kissed Jose on his lips ad my hand moved gently to his pants crutch where I felt a stiff, hard bump.  I got up and in front of Jose I took off my dress, bra and slipped my panty down for it to fall on the floor and I was naked.  Jose looked at my thick shaven pussy, my full breasts with pink nipples.  The full moon was bright and I took one of his hands as he stood up and placed it on my smooth pussy and told him “This is for you” as I unbuttoned his shirt.  Hurriedly he took off his boots, clothes and I knelt down to slowly drop his underwear on the floor and I was amazed to see a stiff, erect, huge, thick cock in my face.  I held it with both hands, kissed its head and gently gave it a suck as he stood me up, grabbed my pussy inserting his fingers in the hole and tickling my clitoris.  I was dripping wet.


Quickly I spread a beach towel on the pool floor and laid down spreading my legs wide for him to see my erect clit and pink pussy hole and told him  “come fuck me Jose, I want you”.  He came standing over me and I grabbed the big cock –an oversized 9 or 10 inches, thick and fat with a huge head.  As he came on top of me he sucked my breasts as I held his cock and placed it on my clit, rubbed it then put the thick head between my pussy lips and on the tight hole as he pushed the head into my wet pussy.  I gasped.  Slowly he pushed the cock in as it tore open y cunt hole and as he pressed the whole cock in me I stifled a scream and groaned since Manny never opened my pussy hole, he only went about an inch inside because of his small cock.  This was amazing, it felt heavenly to feel a stiff, hard cock deep in my pussy  I grabbed his neck and shoulders as he began to fuck me and I spread my legs even wider to receive the length of his big cock as I got wet with pussy juices and began helping him, lifting my ass up to meet his hard strokes as we both fucked and I started to feel so good to have a real young man fuck me.  It had been ages and I never felt so good in my life.

As he fucked me deeper and deeper, I was coming like crazy wetting his cock and the blanket as juices ran down my asshole.  This was an experience I never had and I was enjoying it so much I grabbed his ass pulling him into me to take all of his huge cock as his balls kept knocking on the door of my asshole with every stroke.  He lifted me turned me over on my hands and knees and began fucking me from behind rubbing my ass and driving his cock deep in me as I felt It pushing my womb aside, touching my inner belly parts as I stifled my Oohs and Owws and only told me “fuck me papa, just like that” as I grabbed his balls from under my belly asking him for more.  Then he got out and laid on the blanket and asked me to come on top as his cock was so erect.  It was watching upright at the moon.  I got over him and held the cock and placed it between my pussy lips and gently eased myself down until all was in and I looked to see my clitoris touching his pubic belly and hair as he and I began fucking and I gave him my breasts to suck and I came over his chest lifting my ass up and down to meet his strokes and exploding in multiple orgasms – my pussy was dripping as he held my ass and opened my pussy lips with his hands as his cock ploughed deep in me.  He kept pounding my cunt hole until I felt his cock head swelled thick and fat deep in my belly and I wanted to come as I felt that stiff swollen head ransack my tubes and go spot as I fucked and begged in excitement and then his cock got even stiffer and harder and he started to come in me with 6 to 8 pounding strokes and with every stroke his cock shot sperm warm and forceful hitting my inner pussy walls and womb as I also squirmed letting out a burst of pussy milk and juices and collapsed on his chest panting for air as he gently caressed my back and rubbed my ass gently whilst kissing me and brushing my long hair away from my face as he gently patted my back for me to rest.  This was a wonderful fuck – something I never had and as we rested I felt his cock in me and wanted more.  I felt the soothing warmth and his stiffness as I eased out and stood up over him as a flood of semen mixed with pussy cum and juice fell on his belly, my legs, asshole – so much I was dripping with sperm and I pissed as he got up and cupped my pussy with his hand and gently stroked my clitoris and wet hole and I held his stiff creamed cock and then kneeled and sucked it clean swallowing his and my orgasms and he kissed and sucked my dripping pussy milk and clitoris until it swelled in  his mouth and we were ready to fuck again.

The feeling I have for this boy is joyous that I want him to fuck me and I want a child from him so he can be my husband along with Manny.  I will fuck with Jose -my husband approves of it- and this boy fucks beautifully and even though he is younger, his cock is what I want.  I will make him love me so much he will be my second husband because I have this sweet tight pussy that he wants.

As he entered me as I laid down on the blanket and began fucking my wet pussy filled with our orgasms, I wrapped my legs around his waist lifting up my ass to fuck with him.  This Colombian has the huge stiff that my sweet tight Venezuelan pussy wants.  I will teach him to suck, fuck me, suck that big cock and give him my pussy and asshole to fuck and make him want me every day.  He will be my other husband.