Loves My Voice


She lays there, waiting for me to come to her. I know what she wants, but I’m unwilling to give it just yet. I know that she counts on the sound of my commands to get her off, but she’ll try without it first. I’ve seen her try, and try… and finally quit, frustrated. Today I won’t let her quit. I’ll help her reach her goals, but I want to see her try first. I like to see her lead herself into frustration, so I can pull her out again.

I watch as she tries the large pink dildo first, placing it just between the folds of her pussy, so when she rocks back and forth it rubs against her clit. I know she’ll add the tiny pink vibrator against her soft pink nub of a clit. I know that will bring her closer, but not near enough to where she wants to be. I watch as she fires up the computer, and the internet to surf through what porn she can find. She doesn’t know what to look for to satisfy her needs, but she does her best with what she does find.

She tries to replace my commands with someone else’s… but always finds that nothing works as well as when I help her out. I know what staying silent does to her, but I also know that it’s the only way she really appreciates what I can do for her that no other can manage. She’s found something that stimulates her, and she moans as she rocks back and forth against the dildo and vibe. She unbuttons her shirt, and runs her chilled hands over her warm breasts. The nipples extend, and respond to the stimulation, but I know it will take more for her. She licks her fingertip and touches the nipple of one breast, spreading her nectar around it, watching as it now glistens. Her concentration on the nipple is what makes it respond. I know this, and it excites me.

I watch her pull out the little hair clamps and place them on first one then the other nipple. She gasps sharply at the sudden pinch, and then pinches them each tighter. She watches another video, and readjusts the vibrator. I can tell she is getting restless, and she’s still waiting for me to help her out, but I’m just not ready yet. I want her frustrated, so she doesn’t try to fight what I tell her to do.

She pushes the large dildo into herself, half squatting now, so it doesn’t impale her. I don’t really blame her, that thing is large not only in length, but diameter as well. Like a soda can, thick. She eases down onto it little by little, having it come into her from the front more than from the back. She’s practically sitting down on it again, but it’s flat against the bed and still inside her. The vibe fell out of place during all her movements, and she puts it back against her clit, and turns it on. The low setting is fast… The high setting is hard to stand for long.

She grinds against the dildo and vibe, trying to get her orgasm to build. I can see in her face that she believes she is close to developing one, but she just has to keep trying to get there for it to happen. I know that it would only take a few words from me, and she’d already have been recovering from one, and building on the next. But I wait. Silence is the key here, because I want her to know she’s failed. I want her to be frustrated and disappointed in herself before I step in to help her. I want her to KNOW she can’t do this without me helping her. And she does know it, but it doesn’t stop her from trying.

She gasps, as the dildo hits the wrong place hard inside her. And the tears begin to well in her eyes, as she jumps off the bed, the vibe snatched away by her sudden movement. She reaches for the smaller dildo, the purple rubber one. She pulls herself apart and thrusts it inside her pussy, making sure to rub it against her already throbbing clit. She remembers the nipple clamps, and presses them hard into her breasts. She slaps at them a few times, from different angles, remembering the sharp sting as they were first applied. Then she takes one off, and a new sensation of bite takes over. She quickly removes the other clamp from her nipple, knowing that if she leaves it on for much longer she’ll have to go through the painful removal process all over again. Better to get it done with at the same time.

Her full attention is now on the nipples that are free to feel again. They become erect, and the areola of them become more sensitive. Her breasts become firmer, heavier. She’s fully aware of how her body reacts to her own attentions. She just wishes that the parts of her body that she wants to react, would react as well as her breasts do.

Her pussy is now bruised from her own abuses, and her guts feel like they’ve been torn out and beaten. She’s ready to give up; she shuts down the net and prepares to vent frustration by playing a video game instead. She reaches for the wipes she keeps handily by the bedside, to clean herself and her toys before she puts it all away. When she’s almost finished putting her toys away, that’s when I call to her. I tell her to do oral on the pink dildo, while she is on her knees, the tiny vibe on her swollen, abused clit. I assure her that I’m watching, and I’ll know when she needs more assistance.

She does what she’s told – she takes the kneeling position and places the vibe on her clit, keeping her legs tight to keep it in place. She takes the large dildo into her mouth, licking and sucking on it. Her breasts hanging down, the nipples still sensitive to the slightest touch, rubbing gently against the bed sheets. I hear her moan, and I know that the vibe is doing its work. And I know that my voice is the thing that will eventually, finally push her over the edge of bliss.

I watch her do as she was told for a few minutes, then tell her to start the webcam up. Doesn’t have to be online to work, I just want her to record herself, and watch as she does this. I know how it turns her on to watch sexual acts being done, so what could be more of a turn on than remembering how she was so turned on during them, when she watches it again?

Once the cam is in place, and she’s ready to continue, I tell her to get the little suction and set it to work on her clit again. This one is a rubber dildo that is open on one end, and she uses the open end as a suction cup. She has three that are like this, different sizes, and shapes. In the past she’s used one on each nipple, as well as one on her clit. That worked well, but I don’t want to do that this time. I tell her to “pump” the suction dildo against her clit. I want her to work it as if it was her own cock, while it’s suctioning her. This is a turn on for me as well as for her.

She strokes it up and down, and we both hear the little “kissing” sounds as the suction gives a little each time. I tell her to get her butt plug, and insert it into her pussy. I want her juices all over it, as it will be used for its original purpose soon enough, and we don’t ever use any other lube. I love the way her face looks when she’s in pain, and I know that the pain turns her on more, especially when she has no choice.

She pumps the plug inside her pussy a few times, and then I tell her it’s time to put it where it belongs. She hesitates, and it makes me mad that she doubts me. “Do it now, or else…” I say, and she does as she’s told. I smile to myself, and watch as she tries to delicately put it in her ass. “Hurry up – don’t make me angry.” I tell her. She gives one hard push and it’s in. The gasp of pain and look of shock on her face is well worth it. I tell her she’s done good, and can sit and rest for a minute. I know the plug inside her ass is uncomfortable, but she sits on it. The suction still on her clit for this time, has finally released most of the way. I let her take it off, and I tell her to turn it over and slap her pussy with the dildo part of it. Not too hard, just spank herself with it. I know that her entire pussy is now going to be sensitive, and she expresses herself in gasps and moans every time it hits her. After three or four slaps with the dildo, I tell her she can put it inside her pussy and gently, slowly rub herself. The little bumps sending shivers of pleasure through her, every time she slides it in and pulls it slowly back out.

Finally, when she’s close enough to an orgasm, I tell her to stop. She needs a task not related to sex for a moment, before she cums and is done. I tell her to pee for me, in the toilet, but do not let the plug come out of her ass. She does as she’s told, and when she comes back, I tell her to start the cam again, because she’s going to show the world her sweet pussy. And she’s going to show how well she uses it. She lays back on the bed, and positions the cam to see her body, starting with her pussy, and including her breasts and head/face.

I know she wants me to touch her, but we both know that it isn’t possible, which is why only I can make her cum from the sound of my voice alone. I tell her to put the tiny vibe on her clit, and not turn it on yet. I instruct her to put the large pink dildo just inside her pussy, and take out the plug from her ass. I tell her to take the smaller purple dildo and tease her ass with it. I know it’s dry, and I’m counting on her to make the juices necessary for a more comfortable entry. I tell her to fuck herself with the pink, while keeping the purple in position. She places it on the bed just so that it stays in place, and as she moves with the pink one… the other will eventually slip in her ass, as I want it to. I tell her to put a clamp over the vibe on her clit, and that in a few minutes I want her to turn it on. Her breath quickens, and her skin gets little goose bumps in anticipation.

I watch her fuck the pink dildo, and soon I can’t take it any longer. I tell her to watch herself in the cam, and turn on the vibe. She does as she’s told, but the instant the vibe comes on, she throws her head back and closes her eyes, biting her lip. I remind her to watch herself, and her head snaps back up so she can see. I see the wetness spilling from her pussy, and dripping toward her ass, and I see that it’s starting to coat the purple dildo that is also beginning to slide more easily inside. She gasps as it breaks through the small opening of her ass, and then moans as the pleasure takes over. She is quiet, by nature, but today I want to hear her. I tell her not to hide her passion. “I want to hear you moan.” She moans, pressing harder against her dildos. “I can’t hear you yet, I want to hear you scream out when you orgasm… don’t hold back.”

She works faster on both dildos and I can see that the clamp is digging into her puffy clit more and more… making the vibe more effective, and making the experience more painful. She gasps loudly as the clamp slips, one of the teeth digging into her clit hard, the vibe stinging even more. Her eyes go wide, and she hesitates, wanting to take it off and re-adjust it. I tell her to keep it there, and keep going. She wants to stop, really wants to. I can see it written all over her. But I make her keep going.

Her body starts to quiver, and the pain is beginning to overwhelm the pleasure. I tell her to take the clamp off, but not to touch the vibe. When the clamp comes off, it hurts more for an instant, but then she’s almost at the peak of having an orgasm. It was sudden, and it’s going to be powerful this time. I tell her to hold it, and don’t cum yet. She fights against the waves, but they are building too high. I tell her to stay still, with the purple dildo pushed halfway inside, and then to continue to pump the pink one four more times, then she can cum. On the second pump, I remind her that I want to hear her when she cums, and she moans loudly on the third pump. When she completes the fourth pump inside herself, she pulls the dildo out and her orgasm gushes out of her. She half moans, half screams, and her whole body is shaking so violently that I know this time was good.

She holds herself up for another few seconds, but then collapses from the effort. The anal dildo has fallen out, somehow, and the vibe that was on her clit has also come loose. She lays there in her own cum for a few minutes, trying to catch her breath. I whisper, as I fade away… “Good girl.” And I turn and leave just as she says, “Thank you.”