My next door neighbor


My next door neighbor Yanesy from Panama is my best friend. We are both 29 years old, she is married. I am divorced. We always meet at her house or mine and we discuss very personal matters. She told me that she is bisexual and once had a foursome with her husband, and another couple. She watched her husband fuck his wife and he watched as another man fuck me. It was no big deal. She said that she likes me and would like to have a close relationship with me sexually and that her husband told her that he likes me a lot and asked her to ask me if we can have a 3 some together.

I was very amazed and hesitant. I am a very pretty Colombian but I never thought of these things and did not know what to say. But she begged me and came close to me, kissed me on my lips and kept reassuring me that we will be good friends and she wants her husband to fuck me and for her to also enjoy my very attractive body. Even though I told her I do not know, she told me that we will be like sisters –no jealousy and I will enjoy the experience and if I agree, we will meet at her house and she will let her husband know. I thought about it all that night and the next day she came and kissed me again and told me that she told her husband about us and he agreed to do it if it is alright with me. She begged me again and I choked out a “yes”, since I had not had sex for a few months. So we decided to meet at her house and we discussed our plans and what to wear. Reluctantly, I dressed and walked over to her place and was greeted by her and her husband. We had a few drinks and Yanesy stood up, took off all her clothes and was naked and said that this is what her husband gets –thick pussy, large breasts ad a thick ass, and then she approached me and started to undress me revealing my 36” breasts, slipped off my panty and showed her husband my naked body.

I was embarrassed, but then she approached her husband and did the same. He is a mixed guy, handsome, tall and when he dropped his underwear, his cock was so big like a rolling pin, big, thick, stiff and erect with a huge head. i got goose bumps and trembled with fright –it was so huge – maybe a foot long and really stiff and upright. I was a bit scared. But Yanesy told me not to worry, she swallows all of it and her pussy wants more, so I will enjoy it. She told her husband to be gentle with me (Lilly) and he said he will. At first, Yanesy placed me to lie down on the living room area rug and she spread my legs and placed her body and mouth on my pussy and began sucking it. Her husband came and held my lovely breasts and sucked on both of of my nipples, kissing me as I kept my eyes fixed on his throbbing, menacing cock. I was wetting myself and felt so nice to have my pussy sucked by Yanesy. She knows all the right places a woman gets excited. She stopped and grabbed her husband’s cock and swallowed most of it in her mouth sucking away. Then she asked him to do a 69 with me. He came between my legs, his cock hanging like a monster over my mouth and he began eating my clitoris and pussy lips, sticking his tongue in my cunt hole an fucking it with his tongue. As his cock was on my face, Janesy held it and stuffed the thick head in my mouth. I was getting sexy and I held the thick shaft with both hands swallowing and sucking just half of the length since I could not swallow more, but it felt so big in my mouth especially when the head swelled even bigger. Janesy somehow got between my legs and was sucking at my legs and asshole and my ass cheeks, then she asked her husband to lie down on his back and she sat on him holding the big cock and stuffing the whole length in her thick pussy, fucking him down to this balls.

As she fucked, she asked me to sit on her husband’s face and give him my pussy to suck. Facing Janesy, she sucked on my breasts and kissed me erotically and screamed as she exploded with orgasms, pounding the huge cock down to the balls whilst she tickled my clit and her husband sucked my hole and pussy lips and asshole as I kept coming also. Then she reversed positions. She came and sat on her husband’s face giving him her wet pussy to suck and drink her juices and cum. She held his cock upright and asked me to sit on it and fuck her husband. I looked at that enormous monster and Janesy guided it into my pussy hole and I scarily, gradually eased myself down as I felt it stretched and tear away at my pussy walls and took almost six inches and said “Oh my God – 6 more to go” but as he helped me thrusting upwards, fucking me, and my pussy getting more wet, and his cock juice gliding in me, I gently sat on him taking the full length, looked down at my stretched pussy and I smiled at Janesy as she sucked my breasts and told her that I can take all of her husband and I began to fuck him ravenously as Janesy kissed me and fingered my clitoris, whilst her husband ate her pussy and also thrusting all of his cock up into my tight pussy hole. This was marvelous. I wanted all and more as we fucked, but Janesy came off her husband and asked me to such her pussy with my ass up so her husband can fuck me doggy way. I raised my ass for him to enter his cock and stuck my mouth and tongue into James’s legs and sucked her pussy with passion as Jaime (her husband) rammed all of his cock in me.

I felt my hole tear open to receive all of him and he began pounding my pussy with violent strokes as I grabbed his balls from under my belly wanting him to send all of that lumber in my snatch and as he fucked me hard and powerful. I yellowed out loudly biting Janesy’s pussy as his cock welled in me, the head getting fat and thick. We both had orgasm and Janesy passed out juice and sticky cream from her pussy as she also came in my mouth. It tasted very sexy. As I kissed her clit, she came and sucked all of mine and her husband’s cream from my pussy leaving the hole and my erect clit clean and pink. I looked at my pussy and saw the hole widened much more because of the size of Jaime’s cock and as Janesy sucked her husband’s cock dry, I thought that I could never my little pussy taking such a huge giant cock. And it felt so comforting I want more. But Janesy had other plans.

She told me that when she comes to my place she will l bring her 10 inches strap on so we can have some wild lesbian fun fucking each other and whenever I want her husband’s jackass cock she and me will fuck him together. Sounds good to me, I told her, because I want that cock always.

That is my sex story.
Lilly Ann.