Telltale Sex Signs


The way you make love says reveals a lot about the future of your relationship.

Extended touching is very intimate behaviour that will enhance your connection. If your partner is touching your face, neck or hands, you’re more likely to be making love.

Extended Eye Contact
Gazing at each other – not only when you’re having sex, but also when you’re lying in bed, or engaging in foreplay – shows depth to the relationship.

If you’re having sex without kissing, there’s probably something wrong.

Is it all about sex? If your partner leaves immediately – or soon after – sex, then it’s probably all he’s interested in. But if you’re lolling about in bed for an hour afterwards, or engaging in a lot of foreplay, then it’s closer to making love.

How often do you have sober sex? If the answer is ‘rarely’ or ‘never’, you should think about how that’s affecting your relationship.

Are you satisfied with your sex life? Does your partner pay attention to what you like and dislike? If not, the experience is more about him than about you as a couple.