The Secret To Intensifying An Orgasm.


For Your Orgasm

Try to relax and breathe. ‘Oxygen gets your blood pumping, and that’s what drives orgasms,’ Lou Paget, author of Orgasms: How To Have Them, Give Them, Keep Them Coming (Three Rivers Press) explains. ‘The more oxygen you take in, the stronger and longer your climax will be.’ Inhale and exhale evenly (it’s natural for your breathing to speed up), and resist holding your breath.

Interrupt your orgasm for a split second will also help draw it out. ‘Have him pause for just half a beat and then resume whatever he was doing,’ Bodanksy instructs. ‘Your climax will hold steady for a moment and then it will start again even more intensely.’

Your pelvic muscles automatically convulse during orgasm. Extend those feel-good contractions by deliberately squeezing and releasing your pelvic floor muscles (they’re the one’s you use to stop the flow of urine) several times in a row as soon as you begin to peak. ‘This encourages further orgasmic ripples, keeping the effect going for longer than usual,’ Kerner explains.

For His Orgasm

When he’s about to climax during manual stimulation or oral sex, place the thumb of one hand over the head of his penis, and wrap the thumb and index finger of your other hand around the base. Squeeze for a second. ‘Your holding him back and also trapping the blood in his penis,’ Kerner says. ‘When you let go, he’ll start coming again even stronger.’

You probably intuitively speed up your movements when heading towards orgasm. Instead, try to progressively slow down and, if you’re stimulating him with your hand or tongue, make sure you lighten your touch when he begins to climax. ‘This prolongs the ejaculatory phase,’ Steve Bodansky says.

Flexing your pelvic floor muscles will lengthen his orgasm lifespan too. So during intercourse, rhythmically clench and relax your pelvic muscles as he’s coming. ‘Feeling you tighten around him magnifies each contraction, eking out every last ounce of pleasure for him,’ Kerner explains.

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