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I lifted my legs wide on the chaise and opened up as he held that stiff, huge cock and pushed in my pussy hole deep. I grimaced as it entered but loved it as he began fucking me, pounding and hammering my pussy with the full length, his balls hitting my asshole as he touched me deep, my womb, tubes and go spot as I kept groaning with orgasm after orgasm wetting his shaft and he would pull out every often, suck my swollen clit and hole, his mouth wet and he would enter again and fuck. This Latino can fuck like a man –only 20 years old. Andres turned me over on my hands and knees grabbing my ass cheeks and ramming that big iron inside my pussy from behind pushing the whole length in me as he tickled my clit and pussy lips with one hand under my belly.

He kept tearing open my cunt hole with slamming strokes and I was wild, coming so much I screamed with every orgasm, again and again. He then pulled out and lifted me up and laid on the blanket and told me to come on top and sit on his cock and fuck. I held it and inserted it in my pussy and swallowed the whole length and began fucking him as I gave him my breasts to suck, as my clit was rubbing on his cock root, the whole stiff cock deep in my belly as I hollered with a gush of orgasmic juice and cream gushed from my pussy and I felt his cock swell, the head got heavy in my belly and he held my ass cheeks pulling me into him as he pitched a flood of warm milk with five or six heavy gushes of milk. My pussy was flooded. I collapsed on his chest panting as we rested. We later got up, went into the pool, hugged each other as he washed my pussy and asshole and I washed his still stiff cock and balls. He told me in Spanish “Muchas gracias Senora – su pussy es mucho bonita and mucho dulce” and I in Hindu said “Bahuk shuk riya, acha ei danya baid” meaning: “Thank you, you are welcomed anytime”. Later we went to my and my husband’s bed and he said he want to show me that he want to fuck my pussy again and my asshole. I thought “Oh my God – this boy with that big cock in my ass?” But I allowed him – pussy first, making me come repeatedly and then he took some body cream, lubricated his cock and my asshole, inserted his cock head and half of the length, made about eight strokes and discharged his load in my asshole. It was wonderful. My husband with his short cock will never know that his film star beauty has a macho Latino fucking her with a Jumbo donkey cock. Andres and I agreed that as long as my husband is away on business trips, his cock is mine and my pussy is his.

He is so young and I, at 32, enjoy this stamina and big sweet cock. This Colombiano can fuck. We did it five times that night.